Your Ticket: Acceptance, Deep and Complete

HPIM2953_2The heart and soul of The New Plan A is acceptance, deep and complete.

Acceptance: we use the word in ordinary language all the time. But in The New Plan A, its meaning is narrowly defined and precisely applied. To accept means only to acknowledge the basic, bare-bones facts about a person, a place, a thing, or a situation, as it is, right now… without interpretation, commentary, judgement, or preference. That’s the hard part. But you can learn how to do it. It’s simple, even if it’s not always easy. All it takes is practice. The New Plan A is all about how to actually do it.

What acceptance, deep and complete isn’t.

Despite common connotations to the contrary, to accept something does not mean that you like it, that you agree with it or approve of it… it doesn’t mean you’re condoning it or being passive in relation to it… it certainly doesn’t mean you’re giving up… and it doesn’t even mean you can’t still work to change whatever it is that you’re accepting deeply and completely right now. And once you’ve begun actually practicing acceptance, deep and complete, you’ll see for yourself  that it actually brings about change more quickly and more surely than trying to change ever could.

Why learn to practice acceptance, deep and complete?

Acceptance, deep and complete, is the shortest distance between where you are right now and everywhere you want to be. As you stop banging your head against the wall of everything that’s already said and done and begin practicing acceptance, deep and complete of your life-changing loss and subsequent emotional devastation, the changes you most want to bring about in your life will begin happening for you. It won’t happen by thinking about it; it will happen by actually doing it. The New Plan A is all about how to get it off the page and into your life so that you can return to the land of the living and be glad that you did. It’s all about getting a new life in spite of the devastation in your past.