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Jo Werther, M.S.W., L.C.S.W. is a licensed clinical social worker with twenty years’ experience in the fields of mental health, substance abuse treatment, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Hospice. Over the years, Jo has worked with countless people stuck in the grip of heartbreak, heartache, and grief, all of them seeking the answer to the question of how to get free from regret, make peace with the past, and live with serenity, peace, and joy no matter what went before.

Named for its core belief in the possibility of creating an enjoyable, satisfying life that’s second to none, The New Plan A is a unique system of simple daily practices to help people who are ready to get unstuck but need the right method, process, and support. It isn’t snake oil; it takes practice. But it works.

Jo created The New Plan A after her own trip to hell and back and has helped hundreds of clients get back on their feet after life-changing losses. If you are ready to get free from regret, make peace with your past, and get a new life you’re glad to be living, she is dedicated to helping you get there with The New Plan A.

The New Plan A is your ticket to mind-body-spirit balance now no matter what has gone before. Sound like a tall order? It is. And, it is absolutely possible. If the idea appeals to you even a little bit, you’ve come to the right place.

The woulda-shoulda-coulda train stops here! And it really won’t take a lifetime to get a new life.