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Falling down is part of life; getting up is living.

Do you agree with this adage? I think i do, and here’s why. While any person might feel emotionally devastated following any kind of life-changing loss, most people fall into one of two groups. There are the people who seem able to assimilate their grief as they carry on with their lives; and then there are the people who feel completely flattened and unable to really get up and get moving again.

There are all kinds of things that can steamroll you flat.

A messy divorce or a bad break-up… the death of another person or beloved animal… an unexpected medical diagnosis or chronic illness. Maybe you’re facing the losses that go along with recovery from addiction or codependency. Many people feel overwhelmed with several losses at the same time. Losses can “piggy back” on each other until you feel like your life has come apart at the seams and all that’s left is your heartbreak, heartache, and hopelessness.

“Emotional Devastation” Defined.

There are some fairly predictable emotions that anybody who has suffered one or more significant losses is going to experience. Every person doesn’t necessarily experience every emotion. And even though there are some universal aspects to the experience of loss and grief, it’s also true that each person’s healing journey is unique. So while anyone might use the word “devastated” to describe how they feel following a significant loss, when I use it I’m talking about the people who feel totally flattened.

It’s not about strength or weakness.

It’s about the fact that everyone has a breaking point. And while anyone who has suffered life-changing loss can benefit from the skills and practices of The New Plan A, I created this approach especially for the people who’ve hit their breaking point and feel that healing and recovery and resuming a life that includes happiness is impossible for them. If you or someone you know feels that life has come apart at the seams and there’s just no way to ever put it back together, read on. There really is a new and good life out there waiting for you! And The New Plan A is how you’ll get there.

What is The New Plan A?

Forget about Plan B, which could only ever be an undesired runner-up to your original Plan A. The New Plan A is a system of simple practices based on Acceptance, Deep and Complete, of your reality as it is right now. Seemingly paradoxically, this kind of acceptance is actually the quickest and surest path from where you are to where you want to be, even if you’re not sure anymore exactly where that is. Suspend your skepticism, roll up your sleeves, and make way for the changes you most want to bring about in your life: one breath, one step, and one day at a time. It’s inevitable. You’ll see. If you practice.

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